Petzl grigri was released in 1991 as a major drop in the evolution of belaying devices. It was device that helped in catching a fall and allow a user to hold and lower down his partner during belaying with minimal efforts. However, it was not long enough that incorrect technique started resultin in accidents. Hence it is important that a proper care is given while using this device. It works in a simple yet complicated way. But, with little understanding about its working you will be good to go. A grigri comes with a cam which rotates and provide grigri with holding power.

Thtat is, like all other belay devices, it is used with climbing ropes and climbing harnesses to maintain a safe and efficient climbing system. now let us know how to use grigri properly:

  1. Be patient always

When you are about to set your belay device and climbing device, it is essential to focus and move cautiously. Before climbers leave the ground, make sure you check all the necessary things.

  1. Analyse your position

It is very crucial to assess your body’s position with respect to the ground. In short, stand stable on the ground and away from all obstacles.

  1. Do not take your hand off the brakeing strand

Whenever you use grigri devices, make sure you know the basic functioning of grigri. It is an assisted braking device and does not has features like automatic braking. So, belayers must maintain a tight grip on the braking strands to avoid any mishap.

  1. Learn the art of lowering

Every device involves a proper way to function. Grigris too come with an in-built plastic handle which allows safe and smooth lowering. So, communicate verbally with the climber before lowering them as grigri is a sensitive device.


Every device demands cautious usage to avoid any misadventure. Climbing is an adventurous sport but every adventure comes with great skills. So be prepared with a good climbing rope and other equipments whenever you are about to go climbing.